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Resource Dynamics, Incorporated specializes in conference and project management. Our goal is to optimize resources to support and meet your professional objectives as a leading member of your team. We have over 20 years experience with corporate, government and non-profit clients, with a concentration in environmental issues, with a focus on green building education.

Dedicate your in-house expertise to what you do best. Conference coordination and special project management is time consuming. Complement your staff resources with expertise from our skilled professionals. Together we can reach your project and conference objectives by the most efficient and cost-effective means.

Involve Resource Dynamics in your overall planning process or with specific tasks:

  • Develop program themes and objectives
  • Manage budget and financial reporting
  • Create timelines
  • Identify target audience and mailing lists
  • Identify presenters and speakers
  • Create all program materials: conference brochures, onsite registration materials, attendee lists, evaluation forms, surveys, meal tickets
  • Produce marketing and advertisement materials – writing and editing, layout and design
  • Manage registration and associated financial accounts and reports, including credit card transactions
  • Coordinate and manage sponsorships
  • Manage exhibit and trade shows
  • Arrange transportation, hotel and field trips
  • Manage conference proceedings, audio and/or visual tapes
  • Draft press releases and advisories, conduct press conferences, arrange interviews
  • Provide onsite services
  • Evaluate and provide post-event debriefing reports for conference, program or project

Please direct your inquiry to info@greenbuildinged.com

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